Free splashes – white paint transparent png


If you are interested in the splash files and include them in your work or composites, you can find full package of splashes for free here



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I experimented with several different liquids, from organic to synthetic mixtures. The mixture or liquid needed the consistency and fluidity to fit the brand and idea. Eventually, I settled with a classic, white acrylic wall paint. A water-based solution worked best for this project. Pouring the liquid by hand from a raised position into a container below, I hoped to capture interesting patterns. The setup was a standard white background positioned not far behind the table. On the table, I had a container to catch the paint as I poured it from above. I repeated this pouring step multiple times until I found some splashes worth editing and merging with the nail polish bottles. The products were shot individually. This particular project required more post-production editing than usual. Software like Photoshop was used to achieve the final results.


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