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You will be learning advanced 3D software utilization and the core elements of styling, post-production and lighting of a 3D watch product on a production level.

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CGI product photography is associated with the concept of computer-generated imagery for creating an inspiring and hyper-realistic “photos” for your retail products. Right through the use of 3D CGI Technology, you can quickly render simple and hard surface shapes into 3D technology effects. Choose any virtual object, and you can freely transform it into the hyper-real renderings quite easily. I have been receiving so much appreciation and praise for my latest project about CGI photography. 

This appreciation has forced me to introduce this project even on a wide exposure level in the form of a CGI photography tutorial. Are you excited about it?

The whole course has been divided into in-depth videos where the main focus will be put on the specific portions of the product. You will be learning about the main basics of software utilization where you can learn about the core elements of styling, post-production and lighting as well. During the styling stage, the instructor will be introduced, the product will be identified and the materials and design will be decided upon.



This online course tutorial will enable you to get an idea about how you can simulate the techniques and basics of 3D watch modeling and lighting from 2 separate instructors. Most importantly you can learn easily how you can perfectly create realistic material and about embedding logos into the products for targeting the audience. 

A massive emphasis is being put on studio lighting and shading or texturing the whole product. For the beginners setting up the entire scene of CGI watch is quite daunting, so probably through our outline course, learning this basic element will be a lot helpful for you. All the best!

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  • 15 Lessons