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Join the on-line community of photographers and CGI artists that share the passion for photography in order to help you grow.

We believe that learning photography online should be easy and fun. But that’s rarely the case with many platforms offering free online courses.

That’s why we’ve built this community around a simple promise; high-quality video tutorials and community driven feedback for still life photographers.

Whether you are a beginner thinking about career change or a seasoned professional looking for ways to improve you existing portfolio—we encourage you to join us.

We are a community of professional product and still life photographers as well as CGI artists passionate about our work. Join the conversation and grow with us.


Get unique learning experience!

With our online courses you have access to unique educational tools.

Focused on improving your skills

The Still Life Academy is designed around a simple goal—helping you learn skills that make you a better photographer.

"Know-how" by experienced instructors

The community brings together professionals and experienced photographers that share their knowledge so you can grow.

Fun and practical way of teaching

The on-line courses and the community strives for a unique learning experience. It's designed to be easy, fun and most of all, practical.

Lifetime access to learning content

Join us and you are in a community of lifetime learners. All your courses as well as any of the free content stays available forever.

Friendly and supportive community

With the growing community of enthusiasts and professional photographers you are in a company of encouragement and support.

Recent works from our students

Discover the latest work from the members of our community. Even better, post your artwork and get featured.

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