CGI Bundle 3

This is bundle of 3 CGI photography courses. You’ll learn learn everything from basics, through appealing composition of a wine bottle to advanced CGI composting

What you'll learn

CGI Basics


Basics: The whole course has been divided into in-depth videos where the main focus will be put on the specific portions of the product. You will be learning about the main basics of software utilization where you can learn about the core elements of styling, post-production and lighting as well. During the styling stage, the instructor will be introduced, the product will be identified and the materials and design will be decided upon.

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 CGI Beverage

Semi-advanced: As we continue exploring the many ways CGI (Computer Generated Images) can improve your photography workflow. We do this by focusing on improving your CGI photography skills while sharing the mindset behind the composition for this particular type of product. In this advanced tutorial, you’ll learn how to model glass bottles in 3D using Blender.
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CGI Compositing

Advanced: In this CGI composite course, you will learn how to interestingly combine CGI photography with traditional photography techniques. If you are stepping into compositing photography for the first time, the whole arrangement of CGI composite photography can be a little tricky. This online course can make you an expert in this CGI compositing field quickly. In the CGI composite of golfer brooch, you can learn how you can interestingly combine CGI with traditional photography techniques.
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1 - CGI Basics

2 - CGI Beverage

2 - CGI Compositing

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